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Personal Interests

Functioning of the Justice System - Fairness and Efficiency of the National Judiciaries

Academic and scholarly interest. Teaching at graduate level: mandatory course on Civil Procedure; elective course on Courts (Organization of Justice System). Teaching at post-graduate level: inter-university post-graduate course at IUC - Public and Private Justice; post-graduate studies of European Law - course "European Courts - ECHR". Writing: several papers on judicial independence, organization of judiciary and legal profession - visit the following link. Legislative drafts: amendments to Law on Courts and Law on Supreme Judicial Council (2000); Court Rule Book (2005); Legal Aid Act (2005). Professional interest: member of the CEPEJ (European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice) and its bodies (Bureau, Working Groups).

Arbitration and Conciliation

Professional engagements (former Secretary General of the PAC-CCC and co-editor of the Croatian Arbitration Yearbook and its supplement - Review of Arbitration in Central and Eastern Europe); member of the Commission for national top-level Internet domain (.hr) and author of Arbitration Rules for DNS arbitration within .hr domain. Arbitrator (at panels of various arbitration institutions). Academic interest (author of several books and papers on arbitration and ADR - see Publications). Teaching at graduate level: mandatory course on Civil Procedure (basics of ADR); elective course on Out-of-Court Dispute Resolution. Teaching at post-graduate level: several lectures at post-graduate studies on Commercial and Civil Law. Legislative drafts: Arbitration Act (2001); Law on Conciliation (2003).

Theory of Legal Evidence

Academic and scholarly interest (author of a book on truth in legal process and of a dissertation on the burden of proof); several papers on issues of evidence and fact-finding in the legal proceedings.


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